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Our story!

'Hues of Batik' is a journey of a mom and a daughter. Two creatives of two generations partnered up to create a brand that narrates a powerful story. The brand experiments with traditional artisan crafts that has been used for centuries.  Keep in touch and discover how we experiment and twirl these valuable artisanal crafts, to suit the modern and contemporary style ethically. 
This is a story about a mom and a daughter. And a whole world of design ideas, in a small workshop right next to their home in their own garden and in the beautiful suburbs of Colombo. Beautiful yet duly corrupted; the environment, the people. So it was the right time for them to try and do something IMPACTFUL. The workshop is 90% female represented. The stay at home moms with financial difficulties but with so much of potential. 
They would walk to the workshop every morning work, laugh, enjoy, have lunch and a cup of tea together and leave in the evening. 
And they’d get paid for their work at the end of each month. And they are all left with so much gratitude for the success in making their lives meaningful. And we believe the brilliant craftsmanship behind Hues of Batik is the sweat, time and the genuine well wishes of these ladies.