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The Journey so far

Hues of Batik is an initiative that embodies how a family can work together towards innovation and difference. Made of a mother-daughter duo, Hues of Batik aims to ensure that a locally renowned style and technique gets recognition from all across the world while practicing ethical production. 

Hues of Batik began at the home of Deepthi and Arundika Weerasekera, who have always had a passion for fashion design. Deepthi, as a stay-at-home mother, would often sew clothing for her two daughters, and as Arundika grew up, she too picked up this talent and eye for detail. In 2013, they went on to open their own workshop in their garden in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The focus of the workshop was to create designs that were sustainable yet impactful in terms of uniqueness, especially using batik.

This workshop started with just 3 employees and it now has more than 10 employees, with 90% being women. Many of them are stay-at-home mothers whose families are in need of an extra income. Being a stay-at-home mother herself, Deepthi recognised the need to employ such women very early on: they have the drive to strive harder towards economic stability and success and provide for their children. Many of these women employees are trained in various aspects of garment manufacturing, and if they need more support Deepthi and Arundika are always ready to provide more training via external resource persons. 

Ethical production is difficult in a country like Sri Lanka due to limited options in terms of technology. However, Hues of Batik follows a streamlined process: the workshop is fully powered by solar energy; buying fabric is done as mindfully as possible to ensure that there are minimal leftovers; any leftover materials are reused for other projects. 

The journey so far has been difficult, but exciting. Await more updates on our blog about our production process which makes the brand even more ethical and unique. 

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